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Rotterdams most popular neighbourhoods consist of an outdated housing type. The 19th century closed building blocks are made up of 4 story units that have three apartments that share an attic storey.

Blended aims at converting these houses in to high end, contemporary, sustainable loft apartments. Emma explore developed a new housing type that is outfitted with the latest in design and services. Buyers of a Blended apartment are part of a privileged community of urban dwellers that have communal services and front of the line tickets at their disposal. The Blended apartments have the latest digital technology integrated in the house: lights, equipment and security is controlled from ones smartphone.

Blended aims at converting apr. 20 houses per year and is looking for real estate owners that are interested in joining their concept. Emma explore developed and supervises the architectural concept and is responsible for the design of each new conversion.

Commission: development of a new housing concept based on new spatial typology, interior design and service performance in Rotterdam.

Client: Blended

Design: 2012

Status: first Blended house was sold 2013, several new conversions in progress

Team Emma: Marten de Jong, Jurg Hertog

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