The Corten De Geer Advocaten law firm is expanding, and moved to a new and bigger floor in the same building: version 2.0: (re)new!. Emma explore defined the design commission through in depth conversations with the firms partners, came up with the spatial concept and design, and supervised the execution.

The interior is produced from existing and re-used interior and building elements like window frames, carpet, lamps, chairs and filing cabinets. In the collage of these elements the contemporary art collection of the firm is mixed. The result is an extremely transparent and communicative workspace that was yet unknown of in a typical law firm. The re/used, sometimes historic, elements collaborate with the contemporary art pieces. Together they provide instant character and a both recognizable and surprising atmosphere.

The interior was produced by the very artists whose work is in the collection. Their skill of making the radical out of the ordinary is felt in every detail.

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details & credits

Commission: design of 500m2 office interior for the cortendegeer law firm in Amsterdam

Client: cortendegeer

Design: 2013

Status: realised 2013

Team Emma: Marten de Jong

Photography: Danny de Jong, Amsterdam

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