The ´tuindorp´ residential area in Utrecht is one of those thirties’ garden cities fully in tact. The wide arrangement of broad streets, luscious gardens and monumental rows of brick houses embody a coherent vision on urban expansion of the early 19-hundreds. The Verhave extension reaches out to the garden, the panoramic views and the language of bay windows and stained glass. The extension is made of glass strips fitted in between wooden louvers. She forms the garden and the interior, and is monumental and transparent at the same time.

The façade is constructed of laminated wooden louvers that are reinforced with epoxy clad glassfibre mats meant to handle the complex torsion forces that the dubble curved twin elliptical domes bring forth. The louvers are set apart by 8mm thin steel fins, all bolts and joints visible. The enormous repetition and irregular dimensions creates an image related to the craftsmanship of woodwork and stained glass of the original houses´ era.

emma architecten 'Huis Verhave' Front view
emma architecten 'Huis Verhave' Facade detail
emma architecten 'Huis Verhave' Facade
emma architecten 'Huis Verhave' Section
emma architecten 'Huis Verhave' Facade and plan
details & credits

Commission: Private house extension

Client: Private

Design: 2004

Status: Realised 2005

Team Emma: Marten de Jong

Structure: Guido van Geelen
Facade structure: TUDelft L&R Lightweight structures
Contractor: E. van de Beek, Groenekan

Photography: Emma

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