Spaar & Hout

Emma has designed and developed an addition to a monumental tea pavilion in full 3D, using test prints on our 3D-printer. The 3D model will be used for the production of a full-scale EPS-mold, therefore we have (almost) complete freedom of form. We use this freedom to fully benefit by adding different elements in relief: planting trays, designed specifically for certain plants and spaces for nesting birds and bats. This production makes it possible to deposit the concrete under controlled conditions and thereby make the shell strong enough.

The integral way of working and complete 3D approach, we are able to design a special sculpture and realize. We are convinced that this beautiful addition to the monumental tea pavilion makes the scene stronger and it will be very nice old too!

This study is presented at the ideas competition 'In de kiem gescoord' and included in there publication.