Emma wins Venuez Hospitality & Style Award 2012

On March 25th 2013 the Venuez Hospitality & Style Awards 2012 were announced in the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. The prestigous hotel was the décor of a glamorous evening with a culinairy diner and much live music. There were awards in ten categories, among which was ‘best restaurant concept’

From the jury rapport:
“Restaurant aan Zee breathes sustainability and respects its surrounding natural landscape. This was the source of inspiration for the realisation, and is found also in the interior, the kitchen, the menu, the stunning views and the local approach of its initiator. A wonderful example of new style entrepeneurship that embraces conciousness.”

The Venuez magazine has extra attention to Emma this month with a designerspecial and documentary on emma and their pavillion puur design in the Diemerdam Fortress.
Emma is very proud to be awarded, and we thank Venuez for their appreciation!