emma architecten 'Blankenstraat'
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Facade
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Dining
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Living 1
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Kitchen 1
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Kitchen 2
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Living 2
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Living 3
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Stair 1
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Stair 2
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Window
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Bathroom
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' Ground floor plan
emma architecten 'Blankenstraat' First floor plan

Commission: Apartment in former school building

Client: Private

Design: 2012

Status: Realised 2013

Team Emma: ir. J.A. Hertog, dipl. ing. K. Hertog - Reinert, ing. R.Bakker, M.Sc. M.Kowalczak, ir. V. Klijndijk

Contractor: Aannemersbedrijf Klies&Joseph
Structural engineer: Duyts bouwconstructies
Photography: Sonia Mangiapane

Emma transformed the former gym of the old school in the Blankenstraat in Amsterdam into a house for Johanna & Jurriaan and their 2 kids. We partly lowered the ground floor in order to be able to create a mezzanine. Because of the intricate detailing the connections with the existing windows, the buildings characteristic fa├žade was not affected.
The kitchen is the most important space for Johanna & Jurriaan. We therefore placed it central in the open living area. The strategic placing of new window openings on the back of the building enabled daylight to come into the heart of the home.

The mezzanine floor was made out of staggered steel beams that follow the old structure. The wood in between the beams make a leaf structure pattern that emphasizes the spaciousness of the rooms.
Upon entering the building the visitor gets a welcoming preview of the different spaces and floors. On the ground floor an extra study/guestroom with private bathroom was created. The oak wood stair leads to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.
Emma created the design in an intensive dialogue with the client and closely supervised the execution of the plans by contractor Klies&Josef from Volendam.

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