When Emma met GroenLinks in 2011 she found a special commission: to transform the unsustainable, deteriorated canal house in which the green party currently resides into a energy neutral, professional and representative office with healthy materials, good for the environment and for the city of Utrecht. By taking in their research department and their youth organisation the house needed drastic reorganisation and spatial extension.

The current building will be restored, keeping the transparent and historic character. The building extension will house meeting spaces of all sizes and levels of formality. The extension is bordered with a new garden zone that leaves space for daylight to enter, and that brings green to all views. Among a vast array of sustainability measures a geothermal heat and cool storage is used: in summer the heat is pumped into the ground (cooling) in winter this heat is brought back up (heating).

emma architecten 'Groenlinks'
emma architecten 'Groenlinks' Concept site sketch
emma architecten 'Groenlinks' Concept sketch interior
emma architecten 'Groenlinks' Section
emma architecten 'Groenlinks' Plan
details & credits

Commission: Design for the green party national office in a state listed canal house in Utrecht. 1800m2 sustainable renovation of the monument and extension.

Client: Groenlinks

Design: 2012

Status: Preliminairy design

Team Emma: Marten de Jong, Jurg Hertog, Rob Bakker

HVAC: Mobius

Photography: Emma

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