Baron Rengers lives in the country estate ‘t Reelaer that has been in his noble family for generations. The estate dates back to the 1430´s and at its peak the estate measured 240 hectares. Besides the main mansion (rebuild 1911) several farms, barns, coach houses and other historic buildings are scattered over the property. Its current use is mainly agricultural.

The times they are a changin’ and the Barons children realise the country estate needs a plan for a sustainable future. Emma made a spatial and historical analysis of the estate, the grounds and premises. Emma proposed a development strategy by which the estate can maintain its spatial integrity. The existing buildings are sustainably renovated and made fit for new purposes. At the ‘gate’ positions of the estate new but recognizable structures arise that keep the estate in tact when use and ownership might be diffused.

The strategy has been presented to the Baron and awaits his approval…

emma explore reelaer 4
Diagram 4

Commission: Spatial analysis and development strategy for a historic country estate in the Dutch coutryside.

Client: Private

Design: 2005

Status: research document was presented 2005

Team Emma: Marten de Jong, Jurg Hertog

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