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The church in Lijnden was the first church in the Haarlemmermeerpolder. Built in 1859, it is a solitary building, slightly rotated from the very regular plotlines in the polder, an immediate landmark of the Haarlemmermeer.

Emma designed offices and meeting spaces in the church by proposing a plot sized basement on which the church building remains fully in tact. The vast space of the church is equipped with concentration spaces that are closed volumes. These volumes are copied on the plot forming a recognisable family of work environments.

The new routing and proposed system of skylights celebrates the architecture of the historic church by including her in every view, making one find their way by positioning in relation to the church.

Commission: invited proposal for the redevelopment of a church building into office spaces


Design: 2006

Status: not realised

Team Emma: Jurg Hertog, Marten de Jong

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