Ostashkov looierij

Ostashkov Tannery founded in 1730 is located on the coast of Lake Seliger. Pure abundant waters of the lake were the key prerequisite for the high quality and moderated cost of its product as well as for the continuous growth of the output. Its production facilities have been fully modernised in 1990-1991. Currently the growth of business is barred by poor urban conditions. The aim of this masterplan is to provide the tannery with an urban structure that enables the factory to grow, to attract new people and to better integrate in the historic town of Ostashkov.

The Ostashkov Tannery Masterplan offers three residential districts with community services, a commercial area for new business development, an industrial zone for factory optimalisation and a park structure which is the backbone to the integration of the town, the factory and the beautifull lake Seliger shore.





Team Emma

  • Marten de Jong
  • Jurg Hertog
  • Jeroen Schoots
  • Ben Robinson
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